Frequently asked questions

There is no time limit on tracking a number. You can track a number as long you want until the number is switched off. We do not stop tracking until you wish to stop the process.

We charge the membership fees in advance. At the end of every payment cycle, we send you an email requesting the payment for the next cycle. If you wish to continue the membership you have to make the payment within 7 days of receiving the email.

You can wish to terminate your membership at any point you want. Please contact our support system for a cancellation form. Once you submit the completed cancellation form, your membership cancellation will be processed within 3 days.

Please contact our support team regarding your wish to re-enable your previous account. Please provide your email address and username. Since the account was cancelled, you will have to verify your payment methods again.

Once you choose a membership plan, you will be sent an email requesting to choose a payment method. Please click the link given in the email to choose a payment method and you will find a form for payment information and verification details. Once you submit the form the verification process will start which might take up to 7 days.

The service is available in all parts of the world. All you need to do is to choose the country where you intend to track down a phone and you will be good to go.

Currently,we have located over 1.2 million phones from all parts of the world. This can also be proven by the number of testimonials that we continue to receive.

The mobile tracker works for all types of phones as long as they have the GPS tracking software. You can also buy the software and have it installed in your phone.

We do not charge a membership fees. However, this service is only free for a period of 3 Months after which it will become premium.