The World in a GPS Watch

The World in a GPS Watch

What if you can monitor how much effort you exert into your exercise regimens? Would you be able to save more time if you knew that every stroke or step you take has been fine-tuned to produce the result you want? What if you can access everything by just looking at your wrist to access a tool which can accomplish all these things? Will you be able to have more fun and make better decisions?

Unless you've been living under a rock for decades, you won't know that such technology - GPS - exists.

What was once a highly classified military device can already be accessed in different forms, one of which is a GPS-enabled watch. Although small, they are powerful and able to detect signals from at least three satellites. Then it calculates your latitude, longitude, altitude, and speed within a few meters. However, its use goes far beyond just locating or tracking your current location. With a number of manufacturers jumping into the bandwagon, each watch has been customized to address the specific needs of different consumers. One particular area where there is a growing market for these watches is in the sports and fitness industry.

These wristwatch-sized computers allow you to train and exercise effectively. Packed with a number of useful training tools, some of these GPS watches are as thick as 13 millimeters. Aside from locating your position or helping you choose a restaurant near you, its additional features include pedometers and heart rate monitors. Through these additional biometric devices, you can gauge the intensity of your workout. Other GPS watches are equipped with cadence monitors to track the rate of your stride while running or a bike-mounted sensor to detect how much speed and force you are exerting while cycling. Others use wireless signals to sync with other devices, such as ANT +. Through these watches, you have a powerful workout tool as well as a diary to record your progress by simply entering your basic information, such as age, height, weight, and blood type. These watches come with computer software which allows you to download the collected data during your workouts.