How the police track stole a mobile phone?

How the police track stole a mobile phone?

The world is a global village, they say, thanks to information technology (IT) that has unified human interaction and visibility. After mobile phones went out of proportion, the world was delighted with the arrival of the new medium to connect with friends and family. A few years later, they were hit with the challenge of their phones being stolen at some point. According to a research carried out by ICG, an established 50% of mobile phones were stolen from people, and the victims pay as much as $500 just to get is back, 1/3 of those victims are said to have paid $1000 to return their stolen phones while 68% of the victims go through some risky processes in other to get their phone back. Sometimes it is never about the mobile device per se but the information (data) contained in it. This triggered these security questions: how do police go about looking for our missing mobile phones?

Currently, there are many mobile phone tracking hardware strictly used by the security operatives to locate stolen mobile phones, among these devices is the live phone tracker though some relate it to be live phone finder which is meant to track that particular mobile signal using a mobile tracker that supports gsm tracking platform.

Ways security agencies track various stolen phones with different OS.

  • •Google has helped fairly well in this process, they created a tool called “find my device utility” which uses an internet connectivity to trace the location of the (that is if the thief is still logged in your account). But in a case where the stolen phone is logged out from its utility account, they sometimes use google maps to know the smartphone's last location.
  • • Using Microsoft accounts to locate smartphones, especially Microsoft OS smartphones are one of the easiest ways to track stolen phones. It has the ability to track the location of the stolen phone, but in a case where it is switched off it also provides you with the “last seen located” report, but this works with window enabled phones.
  • • The IMEI method of tracking mobile phones remains the most advanced amongst security operatives (police) because it requires a special gadget for it, unlike others mentioned above that can be accessed by virtually every individual. But before this can work, the owner will have to provide the IMEI number in order to track the smartphone location. So whenever you purchase a new device, find a way to write down the IMEI number somewhere in case of any eventuality.
  • Over the years mobile phones (smartphones especially) have become so very attractive for thieves making smartphones the most stolen commodity in the world, over 3 million smartphones were reported stolen in 3013 only, and these thefts often happen mostly in big cities.