How do IMEI phone trackers work?

How do IMEI phone trackers work?

This is the same as asking “how do you track your stolen phone using an IMEI number”? And I will tell you it is as easy as downloading any IMEI tracker app. According to statistics, over 70 million phones are either stolen or missing every year and in this number, less than 20% are barely recovered. In most of the cases, this phone cannot be traced either through their SIM cards, internet access or GPS location. In such a case using the IMEI number is just the best method to track and locate the IMEI number is just the best method to track and locate your missing phone.

The IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment identity which consists of 15 unique digit codes that are authorized by GSMA. Because of the fact that the IMEI is allocated per mobile phone, meaning that each mobile’s IMEI number differs from the other. Due to the difference in number sequence it is very easy to trace any missing device once the number is punched in.

To track your phone using the IMEI number with the use of anti-theft tracker

Anybody can surely use the IMEI tracking method to locate any missing phone that is within a 10-meter range, and one can do that using an anti-theft tracker app. In as much as you can locate it using this app can as well make the phone turn into a piece of electronic brick. To perform this operation you need to first get your phone to generate a unique 18 number associated with your phone. After that download the “IMEI tracker” app from play store and install.. but before then note that your phone must have the Android 4.4 version (or higher) for better performance. After installing and running the app, approve every permission that the app brings forth which include SMS and location, call e.t.c. click and continue after approving the permissions. Type in the IMEI number of the lost (or stolen) phone and click on “track”. After the command, a small dialog box pops outpointing the location the missing phone is found.

Unlike years back, tracking a mobile phone using IMEI numbers is now easier especially with the presence of some IMEI oriented apps that help to fast-track the process.