Different Types of GPS Units and Their Prices

Different Types of GPS Units and Their Prices

With the Global Positioning system becoming a common fare nowadays, it has never been easy to determine someone's location anywhere in the world. You don't even get worried if you haven't been to a certain place because you can still arrive at your destination through the GPS-enabled devices in most cars. Despite the familiarity of these tracking and positioning devices, however, you might be surprised to know that they are divided into different types or categories according to their purpose. And the more complex the device, the more expensive it becomes.

One of the most common types of GPS systems is the sat-nav or satellite navigation system used by most drivers. It gives you a turn-by-turn direction as well as your speed, mileage, and estimated time of arrival. They are optional features in your car and can either be mounted or handheld. They also come with preloaded maps of the country, city or area where you live. It also provides detailed information regarding landmarks and important places in the area. The price of sat-nav systems depends on the features and maps they have but the usual cost is between a hundred and $300.

Another type of GPS-enabled devices are used in sports which are mostly in the form of wristwatches.

Each of them have features that are designed specifically for a particular sport or activity. For example, if it is designed for sailors, it comes equipped with systems that tell you of the current marine conditions. For those who love hiking, there's a built-in compass that tells you the lay of the land and will show you the way. For devices designed for running, you might find features that include calorie counters, heart rate monitor, or software that lets you set your workout goals. The most basic of these GPS watches cost around $150.

Another device type is the PDA system which is like a trimmed down version of a personal computer. It basically reminds you of your schedules and appointments. Some of them have built-in GPS systems which adds to the general productivity of the device. Aside from these, the latest addition to GPS-enabled devices are the mobile phones which comes as an additional service.