An overview of GSM-based vehicle tracking system and how it works

An overview of GSM-based vehicle tracking system and how it works

An overview of GSM-based vehicle tracking system and how it works

GPS tracking unit is a device usually built into devices and vehicles. By the uses of Global Positioning System we can determine the exact location of the certain device. With the use of internet- connected computer, cellular, radio or satellite modem, usually embedded in the unit we can transfer the data and show it on the map view.

Using GPS tracking software we can monitor the path, speed and other information got from this unit. GPS tracker contains GPS module to receive and calculate the coordinates of the GPS signal. For logging data it contains large memory and data pushers to transmit information to the central computer through SMS or GPRS IP packets.

There are number of acts and regulation in the USA, UK and other countries that regulate and monitor the use of GPS so it doesn't be misused by it's users and hackers, which can grant them access to people personal data and information.

Great feature in the modern automobile technology is the use of GPS for navigation thought different countries and region. The GPS navigation device accurately calculates the exact geographical location by receiving and sending data from the GPS satellites.

First this technology was used by the USA military but now it is used worldwide in automobiles and smartphones. The GPS navigation feature in vehicles have some useful features. It offers view of the map, including street maps, displayed in readable text or graphical format. Turn by turn navigation direction for the person who is in control of vehicle via text or speech.

Traffic congestion map is offered to it's users that depicts historical or real time data of congestion and offers alternative paths and directions. Information about nearby restaurants, fueling stations, and tourist attraction is offered on the display of GPS navigation device.

GPS devices indicate lots of interesting and useful data and information to the driver.

Like the available roads and paths, alternative routes, traffic congestion, roads and paths to be taken in order to get safely to the chosen destination, location of food, banks, hotel, fuel, airports and other places of interest.

It can navigate you to the shortest route between two destinations for saving time and fuel. There different kind of GPS navigation devices and receivers that could be installed in your car. May that be dedicated GPS navigation devices, GPS modules that need to be connected to a computer, GPS loggers that record trip information for download, and others.

Most numbers of the latest smartphones and automobiles have this new feature built-in from the factory so if you are buying a new car you don't have to worry about GPS tracking and navigation units they already had it built-in, in the factory.