Always comes in handy, mobile phone tracker software free download.

Always comes in handy, mobile phone tracker software free download.

Always comes in handy, mobile phone tracker software free download.

Many applications in the Android and IOS market offers us simple solution for tracking and use of GPS chip technology. They can be useful when we are doing a lot of traveling exploring and going overseas to an unknown country. The vast majority of applications in this category are marked “paid” but you can download free versions.

Some of the best mobile phone tracking applications are :

GPS Phone Tracker Pro:

This app is available in the Android PlayStore market and with it, you can track, in real-time friends and family that also have this application installed on their device. You can monitor your friends traveling from one location to another and find them anywhere using Google Maps and GPS. It is also useful to find and track any lost devices that you registered on the company site.

Just log in to their website and you will see your phone as an icon in a certain location.

Real-Time GPS Tracker:

This is a location-sharing application that can help you show your location on Google Maps for free. You can track and publish your outdoor trip, running, hiking, biking and etc. You can use this application to embed a map into your website or to track your dog. Other details that you can acquire are speed, elevation, battery level, massages and etc. all by clicking the icons in the application.

It's rated 4.1 stars in the PlayStore market and you can download it for free.

GPS Tracker:

This is a nice and lite application that can help you track down and recover your lost phone. You can record and review tracks in real-time, send photos of your current location, use it to keep track of your kids and teenagers, and save money. The user manual and other tutorials, explanations and features are on the main home site that you can check yourself on

GPS Tracker for Android:

Another great android application for tracking your phone or tablet. With the use of GPS and maps you can track your device anywhere you are. Plan and record trips and travels, view the location of your friends and family, record waypoints as you travel, view your location history, send an SOS to your trusted contacts via SMS and email, and lots more. Check out this website for more details


This is an application for iPhone that can add and track your friends in real-time. Download the application and register on the website and you will able to access all the features and settings for the newest GPS mapping abilities. When you open the application it shows you the location of your friends on Google Maps.

It costs about 3.99$ in the IOS market with 5 stars and hundreds of positive reviews. For more information check the website